South Australian Land Purchases by Credit Selection

1869 to 1890

In 1869, South Australia changed the method of purchasing Crown Lands from prepayment for cash to a credit scheme. The names of successful selectors were published in the SA Parliamentary Papers (PP) and the SA Government Gazettes (GG). This searchable database of 22,200 purchases by credit selection covers the period 1869-90. Land transfers up to 1893 are included.

Read the accompanying article for further information about the credit selection of South Australian land.

The search results include each buyer's name, county or agricultural area, hundred, section(s), total area, total price, and the date of selection. When two prices are listed, the second is the additional cost of improvements on the section(s).

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Searching the land selectors database

From the drop-down list, select the type of search you require:—
Land selectors allow you to search all of the records for a particular buyer, or
Land locations allow local historians to search for the full list of purchasers of land in a particular South Australian county & hundred.

If you do not get the expected results, read our more detailed help article on advanced searching of our databases.

Section maps

To view a section map of any hundred, go to the Property Location Browser.

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